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William Rabkin is a prolific writer of television shows, films, and books, and is part of the faculty of University of California Riverside -Palm Desert’s M.F.A. in Creative Writing & Writing for the Performing Arts. He’s also a serious analyst and enthusiastic fan of cable television news.

 Steve Ecclesine is a veteran television and film producer of hundreds of shows, a director, and an author of one book. In another life, he would most likely be a history teacher known for his keen, lifelong interest in the history of the US Civil War

We are proud to be associated with Brookwell McNamara Entertainment, leading producers of great family films and television, including Soul Surfer (Sony), That’s So Raven (Disney), Even Stevens (Disney), Raise Your Voice (New Line Cinema), Race To Space, Just For Kicks (Nickelodeon), Bratz The Movie (MGA).

Cast                                     Character

Dan Gilvezan                            Chris Mason

Shawna Waldron                   Melanie Cooper

Dan Lundy                                 Honus Winchell

Richard Winterstein           Bart O’Horgan

David Himes                           Osborne “Oz” Mooney

Jamie Donahue                     Betsy Wallace

Allan Hunt                              Robert Barnwall Rhett


Rob Gosch, Co-Producer & Director of Photography

Allan Hunt, Co-Producer & Talent Coordinator

Stephen Kienzle, Co-Producer for Technical Matters

Igor Ridanovic, Editor

Jeffrey Alan Givens, Art Director

Shon LeBlanc, Wardrobe Supervisor – Valentino’s Costumes                 

Myke Michaels, Makeup Artist

Jackie Dobbie, Hair Stylist

Amy Stein, Associate Producer

Kevin Wright, Key Grip

Chuck Cirino, Music

Special thanks to

Paul Long of Kappa Studios LLC, Post Production   

Dan Schmit of The Engine Room, Special Effects

Doug Leighton & Panasonic Cameras                  

Ron Schneider, Webmaster

Frank Chindamo of Fun Little Movies

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